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Training ​Manual

Amazing Coach & Leader

​​James is an expert in employee engagement and discretionary effort. James exemplifies the techniques he coaches on his engagements by using the skills in every interaction he has with employees and peers. James has a strong leadership skillset that is coupled with a great willingness to listen and modify his approach to include the team around him. James would be an asset to any organization looking to improve morale, employee productivity and engagement and overall profitability.
Tayt Purdy, General Manager at Siderman Ltd

Training Tailored To Our Culture

Our entire team, including staff and leadership, went through PLI’s Certificate in Performance Leadership as part of a decision to move to a continuous improvement culture.  The material was relevant and tied into our work from start to finish.  James didn’t try to fit us into a box but instead taught us the tools which allowed us to make our own model and unique approach to continuous improvement.  I can truthfully say we have benefited from this program and have learned that continuous improvement is a journey and not a destination.  I would recommend this course to any group or team looking to start on their own continuous improvement journey. ​​
 Vicki Zynik  Manager, North Parkland REA

Fresh Insights Into Leadership!

Leadership Development was a need for our Organization. James brought us the Performance Leadership Certification course. The course was informative, well structured, well paced and tailored to meet our needs. The synthesis of several leadership and management philosophies and axioms was appealing and novel. James’ presentation style was permissive and approachable--letting the participants steer the discussion and reach consensus agreements that best fit our unique corporate philosophy and business imperatives. Every organization would be well served to invest in this course for their leadership team - you will not regret it! ​​​
Tyla Lyle Regional Operations Manager, Motion Specialties

Transformed My Approach To Leadership

I had recently moved into a leadership role when James came to work with our group. I really enjoyed the immediate time and effort that he was willing to invest in me with regard on how to drive performance excellence with my crew. He did not try to change who I was, but instead he helped me realize the kind of leader I truly wanted to be. He gave me many tools to use in Operational Excellence to drive the performance with my crew. He helped me show my co-workers the effectiveness of these tools. James was able to help me evolve my leadership and in turn strengthen our team. These tools have made an ever-lasting improvement for our group. Operational Excellence has helped us strive to achieve many improvements and goals. Operational Excellence continues to help us find more opportunities for further improvements as well. What I found most exciting was not only our improvement in performance but also the amazing engagement I got with my Team. They were not only performing they were having fun!
 Chris Wilder , Supervisor, Sanjel Canada